Principal Investigator


Richard Granger, Ph.D (Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Thayer School of Engineering; Cognitive Sciences Program. Director, Brain Engineering Laboratory)

· Graduated from MIT with Bachelor's, and from Yale with Ph.D., in Computer Science

· Research Interests:

- What algorithms are carried out by brain circuits in distinct structures and in combinations?

- How does high-level cognition arise from these elemental brain mechanisms?

- How different are human brains from other mammal brains, and how did those differences arise?


Post - Doctorates


Annemarie Brown, Ph.D (Post-Doctoral Scholar and Lecturer)

· Graduated from Dartmouth College with Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience and from Connecticut College with a BA in Neurolinguistics

· Research Interests: Neuromodulation and human communication, domains of language and emotion

· Hobbies: Rescuing animals and researching hard


Antonio Rodriguez, Ph.D

· Graduated from University of California Irvine with a Ph.D in Psychology and from California Polytechnic with a BS in Computer Science

· Research Interests: Computational Neuroscience, Visual Perception, Attention/Memory


Graduate Students


Eli Bowen (Ph.D Student, Cognitive Neuroscience)

· Graduated from UC Irvine with a MS in Machine Learning and from Bucknell University with a BS in Software Engineering

· Research Interests: Statistically derived associations between stimuli in perception: understanding the powerful algorithms by which humans form these associations and how they drive perception.

· Personal Website:

Research Associates


Furqaan Azfal

· Graduated from Austin College with a BS in Computer Science

· Research Interests: Neuromorphic Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture

Khari Jarrett (Ph.D Student, Thayer

· Graduated from Trinity College with a BS in Computer Engineering and Mathematics

· Research Interests: Computer vision, action localization/recognition in video, deep learning

· Hobbies: Eating too many sweets, blurting out random song lyrics


Joachim Lohn-Jaramillo (Ph.D Student, Thayer)

· Graduated from New Mexico Tech with a BS in Mechanical Eng., minor in Explosives Eng.

· Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computer Vision

· Hobbies: Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, netflix

Eva 1.jpg

Eva Childers

(Ph.D Student, Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine)

· Graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Biology/Biotechnology and a minor in Chinese Studies

· Research Interests: Understanding image and auditory perception to develop diagnostic tools for clinical populations

· Hobbies: Cuddling cute animals, binging Netflix and baking


Sarah Oh (Masters Student, Thayer)

· Graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Engineering modified with Computer Science

· Research Interests: Artificial intelligence methods inspired by human perception and cognition

· Hobbies: Snowboarding, trying new foods, dabbling in music and art


Research Assistants


Jack Burgess

· James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar

· Research Interests: Brain circuit algorithms, computational neuroscience

· Hobbies: Dartmouth College Marching Band, Dartmouth Club Swim Team


Sean McGowan

· Majoring in Mathematical Physics and Cognitive Science with focus in Cognitive Engineering at Dartmouth College

· Research Interests: Brain Machine Interfaces and other forms of cognitive enhancement, consciousness and effects of meditation on the brian

· Hobbies: Surfing, climbing and making music


Anna Dodson

· Majoring in Computer Science and Engineering modified with Neuroscience at Dartmouth College

· Research Interests: Using neural circuitry and architecture to improve algorithms, computer hardware, and/or artificial intelligence

· Hobbies: Equestrian, App development, and anything Game of Thrones


Gabrielle Helton

· Majoring in Neuroscience at Dartmouth College

· Research Interests: Examining auditory perception and how tDCS stimulation affects learning

· Hobbies: Playing volleyball and hiking


Avery Frankenberg

· Majoring in Cognitive Science with focus on Artificial Intelligence at Dartmouth College

· Research Interests: Understanding algorithms used by human minds to create new technology

· Hobbies: Running, exploring the outdoors, cooking, photography and travel


Gabriel Zuckerberg

· Majoring in Neuroscience and Music, Minoring in Linguistics at Dartmouth College

· Research Interests: Music and language cognition, neuroscience of phonosemantics, ethnomusicology

· Hobbies: Playing everything from klezmer to classical on cello, guitar, mandolin, and theremin

Previous Ph.D Students (and where they are currently working)

Jeff Schlimmer (Washington State Univerisity)

Kurt Eiselt  (UC Davis)

Jen Holbrook (Georgia Tech)

Jose Ambros-Ingerson (Ohio University)

Phil Anton (Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense)

Robert Coultrip (Interplay, Inc.)

Karl Kilborn (Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc)

Mike Davis (Liaison Technologies)

James Benvenuto (SmartAction)

Antonio Rodriguez (Dartmouth)

Andrew Felch (Google)

James Whitson (Tensor Biosciences)

Fernando Brucher (Google)

Nimit Dhulekar (MathWorks)

Ashok Chandrashekar (Netflix)

Melissa Rundle (University of Texas Dallas) 

Yune Lee (Ohio State University)